Private Hiking Tours

At Freemotion, we offer a wide choice of hiking destinations in the most beautiful places of Italy.

Every aspect of our Private Hiking Tours can be customized, from pick-up time, location, duration and difficulty. Whether ©lassic, Ʀelaxing, ⋀dventurous or ★Special, all our tours will take you to discover wonderful places!

If you can't find the right tour for you, do not hesitate to ask us to customize any type of tour.
We are open to suggestions and new ideas!

Would you like to hike and meet new people?

About Private Hiking Tours

We offer different types of private hiking experiences that surely will meet your expectations. From Classic to Special tours, choose the flavor you prefer and get ready to enjoy a wonderful outdoor experience!

Classic Tour

These tours are designed to help you make the most out of the places you will hike. All of our Classic tours are highly customizable and offer a wide selection of different excursions. If you want to make sure you don't go wrong, choose our Classic tours!

Relax Tour

Enjoy hiking without the rush, even if you have never hiked before! We offer many different possibilities for anyone who wants to enjoy a pleasant outdoor day in nature. Don't forget your camera because incredible views are always included!

Adventure Tour

For those who want to leave behind the most frequented trails. We love to hike safely in places we have never been before. That's why we don't have any certainties about where we are going to hike and how hard it will be. These are our most affordable and adventurous tours… do you feel ready?

Special Tour

These tours offer something more than a classic hiking trip. We might hike to two different places on the same day or start later to see the sunset. Our special tours are suitable for anyone who wants to experience more than just the pleasure of hiking through beautiful places.