Participation in a hiking tour or other outdoor activities offered by Freemotion is understood as acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions by all the participants.

By booking a tour with Freemotion, you fully accept all of the following Terms and Conditions.

In our Terms and Conditions statement, the term "guest" must be interpreted as the customer who made the booking and all participants involved in the activity that the customer brings with him/her in the same group. "Freemotion" (also referred to as "we") is the intermediary agency that manages the booking and payment process and assigns a guide to the guest. The "guide" is a professional and certified Hiking or Alpine guide.
We reserve the right to change or modify these terms and conditions at our discretion at any time.
Tour Description
The tours offered by Freemotion are outdoor activities that take place in a natural and unregulated environment. The following terms and conditions of the tour that the guest activates through the booking are valid from the first contact at the meeting place until the guest is left alone at the prearranged place.
All participants are required to bring the equipment listed on the tour detail page of this website. The guest can always ask Freemotion for details about the required equipment.
The guide will ensure that all participants have all the necessary equipment (including clothing and shoes) and reserves the right to make changes to the program if the equipment is not suitable.
The guest is responsible for all equipment provided during the tour. The guide reserves the right to request payment or replacement of lost or damaged equipment.
Physical Prerequisites
Before booking it is important to consider the suitability of this outdoor activity. It is the responsibility of the guest to be aware of his/her fitness level for the tour. The guest can always ask Freemotion for details about the physical prerequisites, fitness level and technical difficulty of the tour.
Before the start of the tour, the guest must inform the guide of medical conditions, illnesses or disorders that may be relevant to the safety of the tour.
During the tour, the guide is obliged to lead as safely as possible and to comply with all possible situations. However, due to the environment in which the tours take place, objective danger can occur at any time, so absolute safety cannot be guaranteed for any tour.
Hiking tours, snowshoeing tours and ski/snowboard mountaineering tours generally involve considerable physical effort and risks that can lead to injury or even death. The guest is aware of these risks and is willing to take these risks when entering into a tour agreement.
Except in the case of death or personal injury caused by obvious and demonstrable negligence on the part of the guide, the guide will not be held liable in all the following cases: illness, injury, death of participants during the tour; loss, theft or damage to personal effects during the tour; lack of adequate insurance on the part of the guest; act(s) of a higher power or on an event that the guide could not foresee or prevent despite all possible precautions, in particular natural disasters and official government actions.
All tours are made on the basis that the guest will strictly observe the safety instructions given by the guide. If the guest prefer to ignore the advice/s of the guide, he/she does so at his/her own risk and forfeit a duty of care from the guide.
Program Change
The guide reserves the right to change the tour program if he/she believes that the continuation of the tour could put a member of the group and/or him/herself at risk due to unfavourable weather conditions and/or the capacity of the participants. In any case, the full amount of the tour initially planned will be charged.
The guest acknowledges that Freemotion and the guide are not responsible for transport to and from the place of activity.
If you participate in carpooling with other guests and/or the guide, you do so entirely at your own risk and without any right to claim against Freemotion and the guide any loss, damage or personal injury you may suffer.
You agree to assume all risks and liabilities associated with your transportation to and from the place of activity.
Open Tours
The Open Tours offered through fixed dates on the calendar include the participation of other guests in a common tour and the sharing of the guide's expenses and services.
Freemotion is committed to ensuring that all participants are suitable for the activity undertaken. However, during the excursion, guests may find themselves in difficulty due to unforeseen and unforeseeable circumstances and may be forced to leave the group, in which case no refunds will be given.
By booking an Open Tour, you agree to join a group and accept that the group may compromise the tour for unforeseen and unforeseeable reasons. Those who do not want to accept this compromise must book a private tour.
Exclusion from Participation
The guide is authorized not to allow the guest to participate in an activity if the requirements are not met, participation in the tour would jeopardize the safety of the guest, other guests or the guide, or in any other way would make the activity impossible.
No refund is provided for excluded participants. If guests fail to comply with instructions or choose to leave the group, they do so at their own risk and lose their duty of care and responsibility on the part of Freemotion.
No Show
If for some reason the guest arrives late or even does not show up at the meeting point at the agreed local time, the reservation will be cancelled without refund.
Cancellation Policy
Freemotion offers different cancellation policies depending on the tour booked. For each tour available cancellations are indicated on the tour detail page.
Once the tour has started, there is no refund. If a tour cannot be completed (due to bad weather, inappropriate physical and/or psychological condition of the participants or other reasons), the guide must be paid.
Insurance coverage is the responsibility of the guest. The price of guiding service and intermediary service does not include any additional insurance in addition to the legally required insurance of the guide that covers damage caused to the guest through negligence.
Rights of Images
Freemotion may use participants' photos for its website and for promotional purposes without obtaining any further consent or payment for the use of such images. Please inform your guide before the start of the tour if you prefer not to be involved in the use of the images.

Court of competency and responsibility: the exclusive place of jurisdiction is Bolzano, Italy.

Last updated: 5 May 2022