A Few Words About Us

We are a group of Mountain and Hiking Guides based in the Dolomites but we love to hike wherever it is breathtaking.

This is the reason why, beyond the Dolomites, we offer hiking tours in some of the most beautiful places of Italy such as the Amalfi Coast, Lake Garda, Cinque Terre, Tuscany and other destinations.

We have a great deal of experience hiking with people from all over the world and of all ages.

In addition to safety, during the hike we love to introduce our guests to the local culture of the places we pass through and the nature around us. We offer safety but also knowledge. This is why an excursion in our company is more than just a walking tour.

We will welcome you with a smile and leave you with a hug!

October 2010

Coming from the world of snow, Guido decided to organize some ski and snowboard freeriding tours. "Freemotion", initially called "Snowmotion", was born.

At that time, not being a guide, Guido hired some local mountain guides who took care of the groups he organized. The first tours were a success and the idea of "Snowmotion" began to take hold.
Guido's tours focused not only on skiing, but also on safety and knowledge of the mountain and its dangers. This focus will become in time a distinctive character of all Freemotion tours.

March 2013

Not just snow, but rocks. Tours have started to be offered during the summer time.

The success of the winter tours and meeting the local guides that would become today's core team of Freemotion, encouraged Guido to start organizing hiking tours during the summer period and to found "Freemotion" as we know it today. During the same period, the small office in the city center of Bolzano was opened.

May 2014

Internet is as big as the whole world, there is no need for an office!

It was a difficult choice, but we knew it would be the best. We decided to close our office in Bolzano and to "exist" only online.
At first it was complicated because we had to set up a new website and get used to being online all the time, it's not easy for guides who are used to living outdoors.
Thanks to modern technology and the spread of connectivity in the mountains, we got used to smartphones and to organize all the tours via email.
The results were not long in coming...

June 2017

Thanks to online visibility, we started receiving lots of new bookings that allowed us to organize new tours and include more guides in the team.

The choice to "exist" only online has greatly increased the number of requests and this is how we were able to enlarge the team and increase the offer while decreasing costs. After 6 years, most of the organized tours have become more summer excursions than winter experiences. Chiara and Edi joined "the group".

March 2019

At the end of March our calendar was 90% full. That is why we had to hire even more guides to accommodate all summer requests.

The chance to get bigger was ahead of us. Getting bigger meant having more guests to deal with and more guides to work with. In that summer we got to be up to 13 guides in one day, but we started to see a decrease in quality. This was proof that we were getting too big to offer what we wanted from the beginning. The choice wasn't hard "say no!" At the end of that summer we decided to welcome fewer guests but to offer better quality.

October 2019

The main road has been taken: fewer guests, more quality!

Once again we made a great choice and even though we have to say "no" to many people, the satisfaction of our guests has clearly increased and this is what we appreciate most.
To see people happy at the end of the day is what makes us happiest. But then, the new coronavirus was about to start to spread...

February 2020

Over 75% of the availability for the summer was already booked, but the spread of covid-19 around the world quickly emptied our entire agenda while we were forced to stay at home...

The pandemic eventually reached the Dolomites and we were all forced to stay at home while the sun shone and fresh snow fell. One of the best spring ever.... just to be seen only through the window... But we all had to stay home to save lives and that's what we did. It was impossible for us to stay home doing nothing but refunding deposits, so we took the opportunity to manually rebuild our website. What you are browsing is the result of over 3 months of work in quarantine!

After Covid

It is time to leave home and start living a new, fantastic life in the Dolomites, in Italy and all over the world...
Human beings are fragile but it won't be a virus to stop people dreaming!

Freemotion Team

We are a professional group of Mountain and Hiking Guides. We carry out our work in accordance with the most current UIMLA and IFMGA guidelines.


Founder CEO, Head Guide

Expert mountaineer and founder of "Freemotion". In addition to having covered thousands of kilometres everywhere in the Dolomites, Guido has a deep knowledge of them. In his company, as well as not getting lost, you can learn many interesting things about the "most beautiful mountains in the world" and other Italian beauties.
Hiking areas: Eastern and Western Dolomites, Lake Garda, Tuscany, Amalfi Coast, Cinque Terre and other destinations.


Alpine Guide

Oscar is an alpine guide who has dedicated his entire life to the mountains. In addition to being a guide, Oscar is also a snowboard instructor and freerider of the highest level. He was the first to follow Guido in his project and he would never go back. With his sympathy and enthusiasm, Oscar is the ideal companion with whom to set off on an adventure in the mountains!
Hiking areas: Brenta Dolomites, Adamello/Presanella, Lake Garda


Hiking Guide

Our wonderful she-guide with tons of hiking experience on the Dolomites. Chiara wastes no time and when she can she is always in the mountains. In summer, in winter, with good or bad weather, for work, for passion, for Chiara mountain comes first. Walking in her company is a pleasure and after going on a hike together, you will always want to go hiking with her!
Hiking areas: Eastern Dolomites


Hiking Guide

Expert hiker, Claudio was born and raised in Cortina d'Ampezzo where he carries out his work as a guide with passion and enthusiasm. Hiking in his company means safety for all, while his enviable knowledge of the alpine environment is a 'plus' that will accompany you from the very first step. His favourite terrain is the Dolomites and high altitudes.
Hiking areas: Eastern Dolomites


Hiking Guide

Edi's motto is "enjoy mountains, be accompanied." Thanks to his knowledge, in his company you can enjoy the right mix between the professionalism of a certified guide and the experience of a true mountaineer and manager of a high altitude "rifugio"!
Hiking areas: Eastern Dolomites


Hiking Guide

A great hiker and trail runner with a strong elevation gain, his knowledge of the Dolomites, together with his professionalism, will be the right ingredients to spend a pleasant day in nature... and if you want to "go fast," you are with the right person!
Hiking areas: Eastern Dolomites


Hiking Guide

Originally from Val Gardena in South Tyrol, Giulia is hopelessly in love with the mountains and everything that is part of them: nature, animals, landscapes, and outdoor sports. A day in Giulia's company will be a real pleasure!
Hiking areas: Western Dolomites



She's not a guide, but a "no office" secretary! When you write to her, she answers as soon as possible with a smile, probably from the top of a mountain if there is an Internet connection. Her passion for the mountains and nature is endless and thanks to her great experience and knowledge, she is the best "first contact" for hiking in Italy!

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