About Us

We are a group of local Alpine and Hiking guides qualified to guide groups.

We have a lot of experience in guiding our international guests through the countless excursions you can enjoy in the Dolomites. Join us for a fantastic outdoor experience!

Join us for a fantastic outdoor experience!

We are registered to the Italian Alpine Guides Association and we practice this profession in full compliance with current international UIAA regulations.

Freemotion Alpine and Hiking guides 2020

guido hiking guide

Guido Expert mountaineer and "Freemotion" founder.
He carries out with seriousness and commitment his work as a guide. In addition to having covered thousands of kilometres throughout the Dolomites, Guido has a deep knowledge of them.
In his company, besides not getting lost, you will learn many interesting things about the "most beautiful mountains in the world"!

chiara hiking guide

Chiara Our she-guide with tons of experience. Chiara wastes no time and when she can she is always in the mountains.
In summer, in winter, with good or bad weather, for work, for passion, for Chiara mountain comes first.
Walking in her company is a pleasure!

oscar alpine guide

Oscar A mountain guide who has dedicated his entire life to the mountains and rock.
In addition to being a guide, Oscar is also a master of snowboarding and freerider of the highest level.
With his sympathy and enthusiasm, Oscar is the ideal companion with whom to go for a mountain adventure!

patric alpine guide

Patrick Excellent skier, experienced climber and reliable hiker.
Patrick is the ideal person with whom to have fun and learn a lot from his great experience.
He carries out this profession with passion and responsibility.

eugenio hiking guide

Eugenio Strong high-altitude hiker.
Eugenio has made numerous hikes around the world, from the Himalayas to the Andes via the Alps.
Hiking in his company means safety and his countless acquaintances will keep you company during the whole hike.

eugenio hiking guide

Daniela Not a guide but a super secretary!
Once you will have contacted us, she will answer you with a smile
Her passion for the mountains and nature is endless. Thanks to her great experience and knowledge, she is the best "first contact" for the Dolomites!