Open Hiking Tours 2023

Meet new people and have fun while hiking in the most beautiful places in Italy!

During the whole year we organize backpacking tours open to everyone who wishes to participate. Bring all your enthusiasm and get ready to share a wonderful experience!

If you can't find the right tour for you, do not hesitate to ask us to customize any type of tour.
We are open to suggestions and new ideas!

Are you looking for a Private Hiking Tour? Here you go!

About Open Hiking Tours

Our Open Tours are the most fun way to enjoy a multi-day backpacking tour through some of Italy's most beautiful places. There are many different reasons why you should join our Open Tours, take a look!

Meet New Friends

Hike with people you don't know, you might make new friends! The backpackers who participate in our Open Tours are all open-minded, friendly and enthusiastic. They will surely be your best hiking friends ever!

More Energy

Hiking, talking, laughing together will give you the energy you need! Thanks to your new hiking buddies, you'll cover miles without even realizing it. Good company gives you so much energy you won't believe it!

Unplug Your Mind

Hike in good company and leave your everyday life behind. It's all about putting one foot in front of the other as your mind slowly disconnects from your daily life. This is a perfect therapy that works!

Have Fun!

Living life and having fun is the ultimate goal of our Open Tours! In addition to nature, beauty, incredible views, and great company, our ultimate goal is to make sure you're having a great time while living your life beautifully!